About us

Christina Ranjan is a Lecturer by profession and an artist & crafter by passion. She is an experienced art and craft teacher specializing in different visual art forms ranging from Calligraphy to mixed media and all types of painting and crafts.  She lectures Fashion Communication at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) and Interior Design at different institutions around the City – National College of Design (Allagappa university), INIFD-Academy of Interiors (IIID and Annamalai university) and National School of Design.  She is also a resource person for calligraphy and pencil sketching for MOP Vishnav college(Autonomous). She had been associated  with Loyola college (LIVE) and ICAT – design and media college for Birmingham city university,UK. A regular Expert lecturer of Calligraphy at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Christina is continuously updating her own skills and remains in sync with all the latest techniques. Her weekends and evenings are spent teaching art subjects to the like-minded.

Passionate about all things artistic from her early childhood, this versatile artist imparts of her skills to women of all age groups.  Children too enjoy coming to Christina’s Art Studio where the friendly atmosphere is conducive to learn the elementary rules that govern everything in art.  

The most popular classes/workshops are the Calligraphy, mixed media, handmade card, decoupage ones which  attract professionals of many different backgrounds.  They come to learn, practice and master the art of Calligraphy as it enjoys  a revival around the globe!!
So…come, join the different classes/workshops, and relax as you learn!!