Pencil sketching and rendering

Drawing is sometimes an end in itself. Sometimes it’s a means of thinking. Sometimes it is about looking, sometimes about taking notes. Sometimes it’s imagining the future, sometimes a diagram, sometimes it is away to resolve a technical issue.
– Richard Deacon, British sculptor.
Drawing is a skill and that it can be acquired by anyone who wants to learn it. It is a form of expression. It could be a very physical act or a tool for analysis, calculation, measurement, mapping. Drawing is older than written language. Observation is a key to understand the subject. One need to see the subject from all angles that includes contrast between light and dark. Pencil drawing is a process where an individual starts drawing by making light outlines that helps them to create a composition.

Course Outline

  • ┬áComprehensive skills required for drawing would be taught
  • To organise the parts of the drawing.
  • Learn to use different pencils.
  • how to draw from observation.
  • combine forms and space to express a beautiful drawing.
  • Learn to do shading on the entire composition.
  • To render textures and materials.
  • To understand the pattern of light and shadow.
  • Render detail on drawings.
  • Learn objects, still life, landscapes and interior.

Duration: 30-35 hours

Age Group: 12 Above

Christina’s Art Studio