Card Making

Distress Ink & card making
Distress inks are high quality dye-inks.Its fade-resistant resistant. Its perfect for shading, embossing and blending. It can be used in stamping. It can be used along with stencils in different ways. Distress inks have excellent ink transferring properties. It is brighter and more vibrant.

Course Highlights

  • Ink blending.
  • Importance of card-stock
  • Properties of distress inks
  • Using stamps
  • Heat Embossing
  • Introduction to stenciling with distress inks
  • Basic use of stencils with Distress inks
  • How to emboss using distress inks.

Distress inks technique course:

Duration: 6 to 7 hours

Distress inks (complete course)

Duration: 12 to 14 hours

Age group: 11 and above

Distress oxides
Distress Oxides were first launched in 2017. Distress Oxide is a new type of ink. Distress oxides have the properties of a Dye ink and Pigment ink. It can be used in blending, stamping , stenciling, water coloring and heat embossing. It has got excellent layering properties. it provides high quality stamping.

Course Outline:

  • Properties of Distress oxides.
  • Ink blending
  • Types of card stocks
  • Oxidization
  • Embossing
  • Spectacular reaction with water

Distress Oxides technique course:

Duration: 6 to 7 hours

Distress oxides (complete course)

Duration: 15 to 17 hours

Cards with Stencils
The aim of the course is to introduce beginners to the decorative art of stenciling on card making. The course is structured in such a way of using stencils incorporating simple techniques to complex ones. learning these techniques, one can incorporate it to many other different projects – Lampshades, mixed media, wooden surfaces, terracotta, personalized gifts, mirrors,mirrors, fabrics,walls, furniture and lots more. It is a personal art form, two people can use an identical stencil in different ways. 

Course Outline

  • Importance of stenciling.
  • Different ways of using one stencils
  • Types of stencils
  • Techniques of stenciling
  • Use of different gels and medium
  • Ways of embossing
  • Heat embossing
  • Importance and uses of different card stock
  • Uses of inks
  • Layering with inks and stencils
  • Tools for stenciling

Duration: 20 hours

Stamping dates to ancient times.The course aims to give the apt understanding with the basics off stamping- different stamps, tools that are available in the craft  market.  the techniques of stamping have evolved over the years. Today, stamping is an important crafting technique all over the globe due its accessibility, usage, versatility and easy to master techniques with the right materials.

Course outline:

  •  Importance of using stamps
  • Different types of stamps
  • Materials and tools used in stamping
  • Types of inks with stamps
  • Types of card stock with inks
  • Choosing stamps according to the personal needs
  • Choosing the right size of stamps according to the size of the project.
  • Choosing the right design of stamps for ones needs
  • Heat embossing
  • Ink blending
  • Layering

Duration: 20 to 23 hours.