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Decoupage is derived from the French word “decouper” meaning “to cut”, cutting being an important part of this art work. It is the art of decorating objects using paper cutouts, paint effects, decorative details and layers of lacquer along with varnish. It was orginated in France during the 17th century. It was spread throughout Europe and in the 18th century, it had become a fashionable past-time in Italy, France and England. It was mainly done on furniture- chairs, desks, screens etc., Paper cutouts were reassembled and designed and glued to a painted or glided surface. With such a long and varied history it isn’t surprising that decoupage is still evolving with styles.
With its colourful origin and variety of techniques, the possibilities for this fascinating art form are infinite, offering scope for endless hours of creativity as well as enjoyment. This art is limitless, interesting and challenging. Contemporary decoupage makes use of all kinds of prints and papers. Decoupage can be done on small household items like boxes, vases, to large pieces of furniture.
The Home Decor Decoupage course covers all the techniques on different surfaces- wood, MDF, glass, ceramic, rexin, candle etc.,
Sospeso Trasparente is a 3D (three dimensional), unique and versatile technique.
This beautiful craft is also known as volume decoupage.
It is invented and patented by an Italian artist Monica Allegro.
It involves heating and shaping flat designs into beautiful three dimensional flowers, leaves and butterflies.
Sospeso Trasparente can be used in home decorations, jewellery, accessories etc.,
NOTE: All the materials used at Christina’s Art Studio for Sospeso Trasparente is original and patented be Monica Allegro.